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Does your sales cycle fluctuate during the year? Of course it does, there is a season for everything, and Ketchie is the precision machining partner for many companies that serve all of the seasons of agriculture. Our manufacturing clients make both light & commercial equipment from cultivating & tilling, harvesting, cleaning & processing, to storage & distribution. We will work with you to estimate your seasonal demand so that you have the parts on your shelf you need for production, but aren't stuck with a warehouse of parts gathering dust.

At Ketchie, we are always curious about how our customers use our parts. That curiosity combined with our talented machinists helps us make custom parts that work for you. We are prepared to handle your orders; from thousands of pieces for your equipment assembly or just one piece for an urgent repair. Ketchie has the resources and experience to help keep your production line moving, never compromise on quality, and keep your profits growing.

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A Ketchie little agriculture story...
When a manufacturing customer needed a large number of customized bearings for their agricultural machinery product line, they wanted bearings that were made in America, of the highest quality materials, and competitive in price. Ketchie delivered. We located a foundry and negotiated for volume pricing, then went to work designing the housing. We were willing to make the up-front investment in a bulk order of castings and partnered with this OEM customer to manage their supply chain. Ketchie maintained their inventory and then shipped complete bearing units based on their production schedule. We're invested in your success.


Our roots are in the textile industry and over the past 60 years we have grown right along with it. We've been there from the early days of cotton and seen the addition of synthetics and blends. We've been there as the textile industry has advanced from simple machinery to complex computerized systems. Technology and equipment have come a long way, but Ketchie's craftsmanship, quality and commitment to our customers has been constant.

Ketchie works with manufacturers who make machines for the entire textile production cycle, from cultivating & harvesting, ginning & preparation, spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, to finishing. Our years of experience give us insight into the workings of textile applications and how we can use our resources and capabilities to meet your custom machining and supply chain needs. We will deliver: whether it is machining a single run bearing housing from a burnout for a prototype or a full production run of custom castings for your entire product line.

Put Ketchie quality to work for you today!

A Ketchie little textile story...
Over 50 years ago, a textile equipment manufacturer knew they needed help when their mating gear on a newly designed machine wouldn't run together. Their first call was to Ketchie. Ed Ketchie, Sr. engineered and manually machined a bevel gear that made everything run perfectly. So perfectly that even today, it is still actively in use. We have combined our years of knowledge to take an original design, use modern technology and machinery, and Ketchie know-how to produce a precision gear for 4 times less than other machine shops. We keep our customer profitable and efficient. Rooted in tradition, committed to innovation.


Railroads are the vital backbone for America’s economy. Transporting more freight than any other mode of transportation; railroads keep our industries moving. We manufacture over 400 parts for the rail industry alone and understand the need for durable and reliable parts. Whether you work with Class I Railroads, Shortline & Regional Railways, Switching & Terminals, Passenger Railroads, or Urban/Light Rail, Ketchie parts can help your products perform at their best. With the increase in commuter and light rail systems and a national emphasis on renewing and upgrading existing tracks, Ketchie will make sure you have your parts ready when you need them. Manufacturers of equipment exposed to high impact forces found in ballast work, tamping, cribbing, yard cleaning, or any maintenanceof-way work rely on Ketchie to keep them leading their industry. We work with original equipment manufacturers and companies doing rebuilding, servicing and repair work. No matter what your need, we’re here to help you succeed.

Put Ketchie quality to work for you today!

A Ketchie little rail story...
A rail industry manufacturer was sourcing machined parts from the Midwest. Their parts were made from iron castings and they were disappointed in the quality and looking for another source. Our team went to work for our customer to find options to help improve their margin and quality on 3 parts. We were able to initiate a relationship with a new forger and secure tooling and seamlessly provide first article parts that passed our customer’s research and test department. Ketchie greatly improved the quality on 3 parts and was able to reduce the customer’s cost by 40%. .
We don't just make parts, we make solutions.


When we say heavy at Ketchie, we mean heavy. Our parts are used in applications that weigh tons and are worth their weight everyday for the services they provide. From equipment that keeps our infrastructure running to off-road pleasure uses, we make parts that last. Making big machines run is a big job often requiring big parts and as our many, long-time customers can tell you, we're up to it.

Ketchie clients make cool stuff, and they're industry leaders. From tearing up roads to building skyscrapers and everything in between, there is equipment all around you made with Ketchie precision parts. Using the highest quality raw materials, our team of skilled machinists put their knowledge and experience to work for you to craft the custom parts that keep your equipment ahead of your competition.

Put Ketchie quality to work for you today!

A Ketchie little road story...
A road equipment customer needed to locate a new shop to machine an assembly part. The first parts were made to the print specifications, but on our customer's line, the parts weren't fitting well. Our team volunteered to go onsite to troubleshoot. We worked with the client reviewing all of the assembly drawings and physically mating our parts to multiple pieces. To our client's surprise, their previous parts were not made to the print they were made to fit. We manually reverse-engineered the parts to determine the correct specifications. We then modified the design, updated the print, and crafted the finished parts. Within days, we delivered the parts our customer needed and kept them from missing a delivery. That's what service means at Ketchie.
We go out of our way to make sure things go YOUR way!

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