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Bearings for Air Conditioning/HVAC Unit

Air Handling units represent a significant number of applications for Ketchie, Inc. Bearings.

Ketchie, Inc. has a broad line of special purpose bearing units. Older designs like Claridge® Fan units with shaft diameters from 1 1/16 to 3 11/16 inches are in stock. These are sometimes referred to with the industry designation LSAOC or RSAOC.

Carrier® and York® designs frequently use heavy series catalog units with high base to center heights design. Shaft diameters range from 1 15/16 inches to 2 15/16 inches.

Baltimore Aircoil® and Evapco® both use low base to center catalog heavy series bearing units on horizontal shaft applications. For vertical shaft applications, these units are modified to use water repelling flinger collars. Shaft diameters range from 1 3/16 inches to 2 15/16 inches.

Buffalo Forge® and Hauck Manufacturing® on high speed fans use one fixed and one floating unit on each shaft. These are often oil lubricated. Shaft sizes run all the way to 3 15/16 inches.

Often it appears that the only source for replacement bearings is from the fan manufacturer or their local representative. In reality, Ketchie, Inc., through your local bearing distributor, can supply these units. If we have not already manufactured the unit you require, we might be able to reverse engineer the product and deliver it quickly.

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