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Distributor Bulletin 101 -- New Series

Distributor Bulletin 102 -- New Sizes

Distributor Bulletin 201 -- New Sizes / Specialty Units

Distributor Bulletin 202 -- New Sizes

Distributor Bulletin 301 -- New Sizes

Distributor Bulletin 401 -- New Sizes

Distributor Bulletin 402 -- New Sizes

Distributor Bulletin 101


In the mid-1940s Ketchie, Inc. began supplying housed bearing units to industries in the South. In the 60s we added units to our line that major manufacturers considered “obsolete” because of declining usage.  These obsolete housed bearing units were still required to keep your customers’ factories operating.

Ketchie, Inc. fills the supply voids left by the major manufacturers of housed bearing units. We offer he following products:

Shaft Sizes Dimensionally Replaces
1 7/16 thru 2 15/16  Browning®-PB350
  Fafnir® RAKH
  Sealmaster®-MP, SKF-SYM
1 7/16 thru 2 15/16 Fafnir® LSAO & RSAO
  PTC® P2-300
1 7/16 thru 2 15/16 Fafnir® LAO, RAO
1 7/16 thru 2 15/16 Fafnir® LCJO, RCJO
1 15/16 thru 3 15/16 Fafnir® SAOL

We offer a high quality casting. We are using insert bearings from major manufacturers that we stock in most sizes. We welcome an opportunity to quote quantities larger than our available material and to schedule delivery to your forecast requirements.

Distributor Bulletin 102


Previously, Ketchie, Inc., Inc. introduced a new housed unit series that dimensionally replaces Fafnir® SAOL, LAO, LSAO, LCJO, RAO, RSAO and RCJO.

In response to you tremendous support, we are pleased to announce the addition of several additional products.

Shaft Sizes Dimensionally Replaces
2 7/16, 3 3/16, 3 7/16 Fafnir® LSAOC, RSAOC, SAOC
2 11/16 Fafnir® LAO, LCJO, RAO, RCJO
1 5/8, 2 11/16, 3 7/16, 3 15/16 Fafnir® LSAO, RSAO
1 3/8 thru 2 15/16 Fafnir® RAKH
1 7/16 thru 2 7/16 Fafnir® RAKHL

Many of you have requested that we offer Radial ball bearings with self aligning rings (s-rings). We now have available sizes from 203KS – 308KS that are equivalent to Fafnir®. Should you have requirements for sizes larger than 308, please contact our sales staff.

Distributor Bulletin 201


As a continuation to our program of keeping you advised of the new and special units available, we are pleased to offer the following interchange information.

Ketchie, Inc. P/N Replaces Manufacturer
EU-1-0A FRYG231N PTC/Link Belt®
  GRFDR 1 15/16 Fafnir®
KH-873-3A B/P 8967 Fafnir®
KH-877-3A B/P 8965 Fafnir®
KH-878-0A B/P 8966 Fafnir®
KH-882-1A B/P 9482 & 10442 Fafnir®
KH-1022-0A B/P 2939 Fafnir®
KH-2267-0A SAOL 1 ½ Fafnir®
KH-4053-12A thru KH-4062-12A (R) SAOC, LSAOC Fafnir®
KH-4169-13A FC247 PTC/Link Belt®
  FC350 Browning®
KH-6000-10A B/P 10947 x ¾ FX Fafnir®
  S-905-M12 Sealmaster®
KH-6000-0A B/P 10947 x ¾ FL   Fafnir®


Over the last eighteen months we have added six new Ketchie, Inc. housed unit series and a line of Radial bearings with self aligning rings. These were outlined in Distributor Bulletins 102 and 103. Our availability of these products will continue to improve and we will add more new series that you need.

Distributor Bulletin 202


As a continuation to our program of filling major manufacturers’ supply voids, we are pleased to announce the addition of the following products:

Shaft Sizes Dimensionally Replaces
½ thru 15/16 Fafnir® -  RSA series
Metrics – 20mm thru 50mm Fafnir® - RAS, RCJ, RCJT
Inch – 7/8, 1 1/8, 1 3/8 Fafnir® - VAS, VCJ, VCJT
1 ½, 1 5/8, 1 7/8

Fafnir® - SAS, SCJ, SCJT

  PTC® - P3-Y200N, FS-Y200N
  PTC® - FX3- Y200N
  PTC® - P3-W200U, F3-W200U
  PTC® - FX3-W200U

We are also happy to announce that we now have available from stock the balance of the Radial Style Self Aligning Ring Bearing sizes. This gives you the complete range from 203 to 316 at very fair prices.

We thank you for the orders you have given us in the past and look forward to your support of these new products.

Distributor Bulletin 301


To increase the value, to you, of our standard duty housed units, we are pleased to announce the addition of the following lines:

Product Description Replaces
Round Cartridges Dodge® SXR, Fafnir® RC & Sealmaster® SC
Piloted Flange Dodge® SC, Fafnir® RFC,PTC® FC3-U200N, & Sealmaster® SC
Take-Up Units Dodge® SXR, Fafnir® RTU, SKF TBY & Sealmaster® RT-E
Double Pillow Blocks Dodge® CC, Fafnir® DRNR 

These sizes combined with the standard duty products introduced in August of 1990 give you extra help in servicing your customers on these relatively low activity sizes that are sometimes difficult and costly to buy from the large manufacturers.

In addition, we are pleased to announce two additional shaft sizes on heavy duty 4-bolt flanges. They are:         

Shaft Size Ketchie, Inc. Part No.
3 7/16 KH-2109-10A
3 15/16 KH-2110-10A

Distributor Bulletin 401


Ketchie, Inc. has been increasing your availability of Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Units. We have added product lines which include nearly 100 Heavy Duty Units. Your support has enabled us to continue to add other new products.

 Since the inception of our Heavy Duty Program we have recognized the need to service our units. Included in this new offering are items which are very difficult to obtain or are not available from competition. All are in stock at Ketchie, Inc. and await your requirements:

 The New and Expanded Ketchie, Inc. Series with Competitors Series Designations are shown below:

Ketchie, Inc. Series Competitors’ Series
HWE - MUS Fafnir® MUOB

Fafnir® SMN - KS

  NTN UEL3 - D1
GHWE - HHS Fafnir® GN - KLLB

 Specific Shaft Sizes and prices are shown on the attached supplement to your price list.

 You will note that we have a very complete line of High Temperature Sealed Inserts. These can be used to upgrade performance in many of your customers’ applications. Should you require a high temperature contact type seal (in lieu of a labyrinth seal), simply add a –02 suffix to the Ketchie Part.

 Finally, on the enclosed price sheet, we are pleased to announce the addition of four new low cost two bolt flanged housings which include availability on 14 shaft sizes.

Distributor Bulletin 402


Previously, we announced the addition of 16 series of standard duty units. Our objective was to provide you those units which had either a limited number of suppliers or an odd shaft diameter.

We are now pleased to announce that these units are also available with Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts. Once again, Ketchie, Inc. gives you quick and economic service on items considered to be a nuisance by the larger manufacturers. The series we have added are as follows:

Product Description Upgrades
Low Base to Center Dodge® SXRB, Browning® MPLE
Pillow Blocks Fafnir® RAK, PTC® PL3-YN
  Sealmaster® RPL-E
High Base to Center Dodge® SXR, Browning® MPE
Pillow Blocks Fafnir® RAS, PTC® P3-YN
  Sealmaster® RP-E
Four Bolt Flanges Dodge® SXR, Browning® MF4E
  Fafnir® RCJ, PTC® P3-YN

Sealmaster® RF-E

Two Bolt Flanges Dodge® SXR, Browning® MF2E
  Fafnir® RCJT, PTC® FX3-YN
  Sealmaster® RFT-E
Take-Up Units Dodge® SXR, Fafnir® RTU,
  SKF TBY, & Sealmaster® RT

You can use these units to increase service life for your customers where bearing seal performance is a problem and shaft speeds are relatively slow.

For More Information Contact:

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